Gateway to the Peruvian Amazon

A city built around the Amazon River, the only one in the world only accessible by air or river. Located in a privileged place, north east of Peru, on the left bank of the Amazon River and near the border with Brazil and Colombia, it's one of the 7 new wonders of the world, near borders with Brasil and Colombia. It's the gateway to one of the most remote and extraordinary tropical environments in the world and a strategic point to initiate your trip in the immensity of this natural paradise. The river port of Iquitos, is the starting point to discover a rich territory full of diversity in flora and fauna, as in culture and ways of living.


The city

Iquitos, located more than 1,000km (620 miles) from Lima, has been marked by different historical moments.

Many of the luxurious constructions you admire in its streets, are buildings from another time. They were built in the last decades of the XIX century, when the Amazon rubber boom brought great economical growth. The main market and only one for its diversity, brings flavor to this city. Belen, an incredible neighborhood with wood houses built above the waters, is home to one of the most diverse food markets in the world, where you'll find a vast variety of delicious and exotic, locally grown and processed produce.

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